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Caucasus Clean
Energy Holding

Caucasus Clean Energy Holding (CCEH) was founded on the 25th of August, 2015. CCEH aims to invest in the building of small hydropower plants in Georgia by equity participation in capital.


The company operates with International Financial Corporations, IFC and EIB, standards and corresponds to Georgian legislation and regulations. A critical aspect for CCEH is providing funds for Projects and enriching Organisations with internationally acknowledged experience in developing hydroelectric stations. The company's goals are sharing positive achievements in environmental protection and social matter management and establishing these systems and practices in Georgia.


CCEH Team consists of high-class professionals who have experience in investing, Technical and environmental fields, qualified hydropower specialists, and engineers. Team members have experience with working from 5-20 years on hydropower plants in Georgia, as well as in other countries. Foundation includes both finished and ongoing hydroelectric projects in its portfolio.

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