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Meeting with students
of Green school

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A joint project of USAID and GREDA to educate and raise the awareness of the future generation

Within the framework of the joint educational project of USAID and GREDA, on March 17, we met the senior students of Tbilisi Green School.

The Project anager of GREDA, Mata Gordeziani, introduced the students to the professions in the field of energy, the Environmental Specialist Salome Mefarishvili spoke about the importance of the population's involvement in environmental protection.

The special guests from the Georgian Renewable Power Holding, Chief Financial Officer Nuka Mshvidobadze and Deputy Project Manager Eter Khinchigashvili shared their personal experience with the students and introduced them to the latest news in the field.

The ten-month educational project aims to raise awareness among school students regarding renewable energy and environmental issues.

Within the framework of the project, great attention will also be paid to the involvement of girls interested in technical subjects and their interest in career opportunities in the energy sector.

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