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2023 წლის შემაჯამებელი ღონისძიება


Summary presentation of the year


GREDA is on the guard of energy - The association held a summary presentation of the year.


The Georgian Renewable Energy Development Association hosted a summary event of the year on December 22, where public and private sector representatives, experts, and main stakeholders in the field participated.


GREDA's Chairman of the Board Giorgi Abramishvili addressed the public and expressed gratitude for the joint effort, which made this year especially fruitful for the association. Moreover, he emphasized the importance of the newly introduced supportive mechanism, CFD, which has given the sector the opportunity to develop new projects.


GREDA's Executive Director Maya Melikidze delivered the association's summary presentation and drew attention to the three directions—legislative, educational, and communicational—on which the association was working during the whole year. Maia Melikidze spoke about future plans and main priorities, such are the field's advocacy, raising awareness in terms of renewable energy and enviromental protection.


The summary event of GREDA was carried out with the support of the companies - Huawei and Photomate Eurasia.

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