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"Georgian Hydro Power" L.L.C. (G.H.P.)

"Georgian Hydro Power" L.L.C. (G.H.P.) is an Engineering, Consulting Company for Hydro Power Plants (HPP) development, which was founded in 2001 for dealing with hydropower development in Georgia and has united specialists who have vast experience in study and designing of hydro-technical construction developments on rivers and hydropower plants.



G.H.P. has worked on HPPs such as Oni HPP, Zeda Bzhuja HPP, Akavreta HPP, Ubisa HPP, Magana HPP, Lentekhi HPP, Alazani 1 HPP, Ritseula HPP, Bakhvi 2.3 HPP, Torzila HPP, Dvirula HPP, Jonouli HPP, Racha HPP, Etc.


Currently, G.H.P. has developed preliminary feasibility studies for Shrosha HPP, Ukanava HPP, Bakhvi 4, Bakhvi 5, Gundauri HPP, Gvakha HPP Gomakhi Tsi HPP, Makvaneti 1 HPP, Makavneti 2 HPP, and Khopuri HPP In order. (Memorandum has already been signed on Makvaneti 1 and Makavneti 2 HPPs)

Primary Line of Business

  • Hydropower plants design

  • Hydropower plants equipment supply, installation, activation

  • Hydropower plants rehabilitation, repairing, construction

  • Hydropower plants Detailed Design

  • Topographic, geological, hydrologic investigations, and environmental surveys

  • Substations and transmission lines project design, installation, activation

  • Technical consulting

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