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GIEC - Georgian International Energy Corporation

"Georgian International Energy Corporation" (GIEC) is one of Georgia's largest multi-function energy companies.


"Georgian International Energy Corporation" is the only company in the country, which owns and operates hydro and thermal power station simultaneously. The GIEC's assets include eight hydroelectric power plants and gas-fired thermal power plants. The total installed capacity of generation of the facilities owned by the GIEC . amounts350 M.W. From a geographical point of view, the GIEC.'s energy facilities are located throughout the territory of Georgia. 


"Georgian International Energy Corporation" actively uses the country's unique geographic location and manages electricity trading with all four neighbouring countries of Georgia. The company manages the operations of trading the electricity generated from its energy facilities and the purchased electricity (export-import-transit).


What we do

Although the country does not have its natural gas, the "Georgian International Energy Corporation" is actively involved in natural gas trading. It is the most significant player in the market after the Azerbaijani state oil company and operates in the wholesale and retail segments. In a retail component, the "Georgian International Energy Corporation" is represented by 33 gas stations.


The "Georgian International Energy Corporation" is also one of the major employers. Currently, the company employs more than 1000 employees, and this number is progressively increasing in parallel with the new investment projects.

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