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LGT MAKSANIA owns a micro hydropower plant built in Tsalenjikha municipality, city Jvari on the outskirts of Enguri hydropower plant and works on Technical supplements at the expense of overflowing water. (On which has been given consent by the Engur hydropower plant administration and the Ministry of Energy)


Micro HPP Maxania's calculated flow varies (0.13-0.03) m3 and H = 300 m. Therefore, the installed capacity of the micro HPP is 300 kW with an annual output of 1.9 million kWh.


The water supply is made through a 320 mm metal pipe with a length of 1300 m. The pressure at the bottom of the tube is 30 atm.

It operates at different capacities for almost the whole year.

The hydro turbine is a Pelton type (gearbox) 500 rpm

Generator power is 485 horizontal 500 rpm.

The substation is connected to the settlement-Potskho (which is connected to the substation Jvari-Akhali) network. 

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