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Caucasus Clean Energy Holding, a GREDA-member company has inaugurated a 9.1 MW Akhalkalaki HPP

Located in Akhalkalaki Municipality, southern Georgia, the small-scale run-of-river cascade hydroelectric power plant will generate 50 million kWh annually. It is the largest hydropwer plant commissioned in Georgia this year.

The project was implemented in cooperation with the National Power Company of Iceland Landsvirkjun in accordance with the best international practice. To ensure the project's sustainability environmental and social management received the highest priority. A number of social projects were implemented in the three villages in the affected area that is home to 835 households (over 3300 people) including the construction of a sports complex, the arrangement of water pumping infrastructure, and the rehabilitation of the drinking water system.

"Bringing in European standards and experience, with this project, we aim to set an example of how modern sustainable hydropower plant projects should be developed. Constructed in line with the best international practice, not only does this project add to Georgia's domestic generation, help improve local infrastructure, and create jobs, but this investment also brings expertise and experience, while applying the highest standards of ESG and Health & Safety. Our project opened up new opportunities for the local population and helped improve their livelihoods," - states Mikheil Nibladze, Director of CCEH.

CCEH has been developing small and medium hydropower plants in Georgia since 2015. The Company's portfolio includes both operational and construction phase HPPs, while the total investment so far amounts to 75 million USD.


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