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Solar PV Installation Vocational Training to be Launched in Georgia

Chiatura Multifunctional Center, a community center established by Georgian Manganese in the framework of company’s CSR approach in the town of Chiatura in Western Georgia that provides both vocational training and non-formal education to the local youth, is about to launch the very first Solar PV Installation Vocational Training in the country.

The training has been designed and will be managed by the Georgian Renewable Energy Development Association(GREDA), a sectoral business association that brings together more than 40 renewable power plant developers and operators and is well experienced with various education initiatives related to RES. A memorandum of understanding between Chiatura Multifunctional Center and GREDA was signed on September 1.

The training is offered free of charge to youth aged 16-35 years and will be available for the residents of the Chiatura and Zestafoni municipalities of the Imereti region of Georgia.

Within the "Solar PV Installation Vocational Training", Georgian Renewable Energy Development Association (GREDA) will use the learning materials prepared by the Infrastructure Construction Companies Association (ICCA)with support from the German Agency for International Cooperation in Georgia (GiZ). A complete handbook for the course is set to be published by the end of 2022. In addition to the main course, GREDA will offer the students a course covering the electricity system in Georgia, as well as the development of renewables both internationally and in Georgia, as well as a course on environmental protection and relevant local legislation. In this way, students will receive both practical and theoretical knowledge in the field.

As a result of a 5-month long training, the students will be able to design, install and operate residential and commercial Solar PV systems, as well as work on the construction of utility-scale solar power plants.

"Solar PV installer jobs are currently one of the most in-demand and scarce professions in our sector and on the Georgian labor market in general. We’re very much excited about the opportunity that Chiatura Multifunctional Center has created for the local youth and thankful that they have chosen us as a partner. The number of PV systems installed in households and in commercial properties has increased significantly over the past five years and the overall installed capacity is now up to 25 MW. At the same time, Georgia has yet to develop its utility-scale solar power potential, with several large-scale projects in the pipeline. We can definitely predict that the current demand for the Solar PV system installers will only increase in the future," - stated Giorgi Abramishvili, the Chairman of GREDA Supervisory Board.


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