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The "Solar PV Installation" vocational training students advanced to the practical part of training

Within the practical part, participants visited two solar plants under construction, with an installed capacity of 35 kW and 300 kW. The construction of the stations is carried out by Helios Energy Georgia. During the visit to the construction site, the students participated in the process of installing solar panels and connecting them to the inverter.

The students also attended a three-day theoretical and practical training at the FusionSolar Technology Laboratory of Georgian Technical University. Through the lab-based equipment, participants learned how to configure the inverter and optimizers, connect the battery and connect to the management system.

The course was created in cooperation with Chiatura Multifunctional Center and GREDA. The group consists of 15 young people living in Chiatura and Zestafoni, who are learning the design, installation, and operation of solar photovoltaic systems for free.


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